Shopping for Baby Items

Shopping for baby should not be as hard as it has been protrayed. With a proper plan and timing process, you can have a stress free baby item shopping. Depending on your account, we recommend you start shopping as early as possible. This is good, because you would be more calm and alert to pick... Continue Reading →

How to Dress A New Born

Lots of newborns find the dressing and undressing experience upsetting. The quicker and calmer you are, the less stress for both you and your baby! Here are some tips that might help: 1. Make sure the room is warm enough, then place your baby on a soft surface. 2. Put a nappy on your baby... Continue Reading →

BreastFeeding Traditions Around the world.

In the Philippines, broken papaya (pawpaw) leaves and sugar cane stalks are stroked over the mother’s breasts in a ceremony that is meant to ensure a good milk supply.In some rural towns in Japan, it is common to place figurines and pictures of a breastfeeding woman to help increase a nursing mother’s milk supply.In some... Continue Reading →

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