7 Essential Newborn Hygiene Practices

Having a new born baby usually brings excitement to the home. They are soft, beautiful, tender and have very delicate skin. The whole physiological structure of a new born needs to be well taken care of because their body systems are not strong enough too accept harsh conditions and their immune system is not capable... Continue Reading →

5 Breastfeeding Positions

There are differentt ways you can hold your baby while breastfeeding, if you are used to using one pattern this article will guide you on how you can carry your little one and yet still be very comfortable. There are also breastfeeding positions recommended for women that delivered through caesarian sections, those with small breasts,... Continue Reading →

Jaundice: Causes and Treatment

What is the Jaundice? Jaundice is an infant condition that causes pale skin and yellowish cornea in babies. It affects a lot of children and in most cases it isn't life threatening. It could naturally go off on it's own.Treatment should be administered in cases of serious jaundice as it can lead to fatal brain... Continue Reading →

Indoor Activities to Keep Children Busy

Getting children to stay indoors without hearing the "mommy I'm bored" is almost impossible. Reason is because children like fun and they like to stay around their agemates, spend time together and do whatever they think is best for them. But in a situation where you can't let them go out in case of pandemic... Continue Reading →

Bonding and Attachment with Newborns

The best time to bond with babies is when they are yet unborn, from 8th month of pregnancy and when they are still babies. Attachment is when a baby and caregiver form a strong connection with each other, emotionally and physically. Bonding with your baby is important. It helps to release hormones and chemicals in... Continue Reading →

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