5 Breastfeeding Positions

There are differentt ways you can hold your baby while breastfeeding, if you are used to using one pattern this article will guide you on how you can carry your little one and yet still be very comfortable.

There are also breastfeeding positions recommended for women that delivered through caesarian sections, those with small breasts, big breasts e.t.c

1. Dancer hand nursing position

This position is best for premature babies or children with disabilities. To Use this position, do this;

  • Cup your hand with your breast.
  • Rest the baby’s jaw on your thumb and index finger.
    It’s that simple. this will give him plenty of support as he sucks.

2. Sling Breastfeeding Position

In situations where you want to do simple chores and breastfeed, this breastdeeding position becomes very useful. Although this can only be done when the baby is a little matured, not for new borns.

A baby carrier or other forms of slings can be used.

3. Cradle Hold Breastfeeding Position

Cradle Hold Breastfeeding positon is the most common form of position yet it is not the most convenient especially for new borns. A way of making this position more comfortable for you is by attaching a behind your back to avoid straining of the back and also you can attach baby pillow across your lap to give support to your baby.

To breastfeed with cradle sitting position, you need to;

  • Sit upright
  • Position you baby by his side.
  • His neck and head should lie on your forearm.
  • His body should be against your stomach.

4. Clutch Hold

This is also known as Football hold position. This is a great position for those that have large breasts, caesarian sections, premature babies and twins. To use this you;

  • Position your baby to your side, with the baby’s legs tucked in under your arms on the position of the breast you are using.
  • Use your hand to support the head of your baby.
  • Support your breast with the other hand.

5. Biological Position

This is also called laid-back breastfeeding position. This is useful for newborns and babies who find it hard to feed using other breasttfeeding methods. It is the position your baby takes first immediately after before for it to feed.

In order to be more comfortable in this, you can support your back with pillows.

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