It is no hidden fact that a lot of women take alcohol, It is no longer a man’s drink as it used to be back in the days. But according research, drinking alcohol does a lot of harm than good. It is dangerous to the child even though it might not have any direct effect on the mother.
There is no recommended quantity to take so it is best to avoid it totally.

Why Is Alcohol Dangerous?

It’s first important to know that whatever pregnant women take into their body system is what goes into the bloodstream of the baby. If a pregnant mom is eating healthy, the baby is equivalently eating healthy, in the same vein if a pregnant mom is taking alcohol during pregnancy, she is also giving a good portion to the baby because everything that she takes into her body is shared to the child through the umbilical cord. So imagine giving a child less than 1 year old alcohol (that is how immoral it is).

When a pregnant mom takes alcohol, these are some of the ailments and disabilities that are bound to occur. Although these effects differ in women.

  1. Stillbirth: This can occur when the baby’s system couldn’t absorb the alcohol content (children are different), it will result to the death of the baby while still in the womb.
  2. Small Head: Have you ever seen children with very small heads, there’s every likelyhood that the mother drank alcohol while still pregnant. It shrinks the head anatomy of the child.
  3. Hyperactive: Children are naturally hyperactive creatures, it’s almost impossible to see a full child but when a child becomes excessively hyperactive, can’t control their behaviours then it could be as a result of a pregnant mom that took Alcohol during pregnancy.
  4. Low IQ : It’s most likely to see children of women that drank alcohol during pregnancy that are intelligent. It creates a “dull” baby. Most times the weakness of these children is in calculative subjects such as Mathematics, Chemistry, Accounting.
    The effects of the alcohol makes them not to reason intelligently.
  5. Kidney Diseases: Ordinarily, taking alcohol can result to kidney problems for adults. So when a baby gets excess of it during pregnancy, the child might been given birth to with already existing kidney conditions.
    It is essential to avoid alcohol at any stage of pregnancy. If you’re one that like taking drinks a lot, for the sake of your baby, replace alcoholic drinks (beers & wines inclusive) with non-alcoholic beverages.
    At social events, request for non-alcoholic drinks, at home stock your refrigerator with non-alcoholic beverages too.

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