8 Items You Must Have Before Delivery

I have a babyshop monmartt.com where we sell almost every baby items you may need, ranging from new borns to 12 years old. And several time, we get customers having their first pregnancy but not knowing what to buy. They have simply no idea of essential list of items they should purchase while going to the hospital to give birth or what they will be using during the first few months of delivery.
So, I had to put up this list so that you will know everything you need to get before going to give birth and necessary items you’ll use for both yourself and your baby after you have given birth.
These items I’m about to mention cannot be avoided as a mom.
Top on my list is;

  1. Diapers and wipes: There are 2 types of diapers, we have the cloth and disposable diapers. If you have ever used the cloth diapers you’ll discover that they can be really stressful to use. You get to wash often, get to touch a lot of poo (not saying this is a bad thing anyway), and if it’s a reason you’ll always be looking for ways to dry the diaper since there is hardly any sun. So to avoid stories like this, it’s just better to use the disposable diapers.
    Wipes too are also essential, they have a smooth feeling on the bum that makes it very comforting for the baby.
  2. Bips
  3. Bottles and Formulas: In situations where you cannot breastfeed your baby, these will come in handy.
  4. Bassinets: In instances when you can’t keep your baby on the bed, but you need to keep them relax close to you, bassinets will make that possible. As they are little comfortable foams where they can lie down.
  5. Nursing wear: These includes nursing bra, nursing gowns that makes breastfeeding very easy.
  6. Breast Pumps: These are efficient breast pumps that help to alleviate milk supply.
  7. Baby carriers
  8. Car seats: You don’t want to risking having a bump on the road with you baby flying over. Lack of car seats has cost the lives of a lot of babies so it is a must have if you have a car.

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