Indoor Activities to Keep Children Busy

Getting children to stay indoors without hearing the “mommy I’m bored” is almost impossible. Reason is because children like fun and they like to stay around their agemates, spend time together and do whatever they think is best for them.

But in a situation where you can’t let them go out in case of pandemic or you don’t think it’s safe out there for them to hang out what do you do?

This is a comprehensive list of what your child can partake in during a “no go out” condition.

  1. Tell them stories: Automatically at this period you have a lot of duties to play as a mom or parent. Tell your child stories that were of interest to you while you were way younger. It could be probably stories you were told by your parents or grandparents or stories you read.
  2. Buy them toys: Children love toys!. this can never be argued by anyone. Not every child like petty toys but once they are toys they are good to go. Not all toys are expensive and some are hand-made so if you can’t afford them, you can make them in few minutes. You can learn how to make your own toys here:
  3. Let them write stories: Children that like play a lot more than study might not want this but it is a good way to encourage them during the “no go out” days. You can take a look at their stories, read through them, laugh with them as you read through, ask them questions. This can be a very good way to bond with your child.
  4. Making paper Marsh: Making paper marshes are not exactly difficult. Then they can create anything that comes to their minds. This enhances their creativity level as well. Here is a link on how to create paper marshes:
  5. Planting trees or plants: I remember when I was a child planting bean plant was fun and exciting, we watched it grow, nutured it and looked forward to the day it was going to produce flower, then fruit. You can let your kids plant things around the house, in strategic positions.

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