Bonding and Attachment with Newborns

The best time to bond with babies is when they are yet unborn, from 8th month of pregnancy and when they are still babies.

Attachment is when a baby and caregiver form a strong connection with each other, emotionally and physically.

Bonding with your baby is important. It helps to release hormones and chemicals in the brain that encourage rapid brain growth. 

  • Hold your baby on the left side of your chest, so they can hear your heartbeat.
  • Learn to read your baby’s cues and signals to you and let your baby know you understand.
  • Copy your baby’s noises or signals, then wait for your baby to respond before continuing.
  • Soothe and cuddle your baby when they’re upset.
  • Start new activities gently, rather than abruptly, and talk calmly about what you’re doing.
  • Once you have learned what your baby likes, do it regularly.
  • Feel movement
  • Talk to your baby in utero
  • Take periodic “bump” photos
  • Write to your child

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